Best Type of Garden Fencing for Growing Vines

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If you like to garden with climbing vegetables, you may want to consider the best type of garden fencing for growing vines. Most vines send out tendrils that wrap themselves around anything they can grow on, including twigs, string, other plants, rough wood and trellises. If you want your plants to be an integral part of your garden you will need to give them every advantage to grow.

Wood Fence

If a wood fence is rough, there's a chance the vines will grab onto the rough areas and climb, but most likely you'll need to add some support. Hammer in a small nail or staple at the bottom and top of the fence and space them a few inches apart. Then attach string or fishing line (which is clear) to the nails in a vertical pattern. The vines will go to these strings and vine upward.

If you don't like the idea of string, put a wooden or metal trellis in front of the fence and let the vines get started on it. They will eventually vine all over the fence.

Metal Fence

Metal or chain link fence is like a natural trellis for vines. They will wrap themselves around the links and quickly fill the fence if the conditions are good. Your fence will become like a hedge if the vines are planted thickly.