Best Types Moisture Proof Fixtures for Bathroom Accent Lighting

When installing accent lighting in your bathroom, you should also consider lighting that is moisture and mildew resistant as well. Today, manufacturers design accent lighting in many styles and patterns, but when using accent lighting in your bathroom it is important that the fixtures you choose are labeled moisture or water resistant in order to meet safety specifications. Listed below are some of the types of accent lighting choices available.

Ceiling Accent Lights

Flush mounted bathroom accent lights shine downward and are low voltage. These are recommended for usage in shower stalls or combination tub and shower enclosures as they have a rubber gasket seal designed to keep the water out of the light.

Wall Accent Lights

These wonderful accent lighting fixtures are available in an array of styles, including multi-light bars for over mirrors on vanities, but the choices don’t stop there. You can get sconces, drop lights, suspended chandelier-like lighting that all come in various colors and finishes, designed to be moisture and water resistant so they meet safety standards.

Vanity Spa Lights

These vanity spa lights are designed to operate with batteries and allow the owner to press them on/off. They come in a wide selection of styles and colors, all designed to match the bathroom décor and they are usually both water and moisture resistant.

Mirror Accent Lights

Today, many manufacturers are designing bathroom mirrors with the lights built in. These units are extremely safe for use in bathrooms as all the lighting is enclosed, although these specialty mirrors generally cost a more and require special custom installation.

Specialty Era Fixtures

Reproduction fixtures are now available in retro, art deco, colonial, arts and crafts, Victorian, and many other periods for use in your bathroom. These reproduction meet today’s safety specifications and are both moisture and water resistant, although generally much more expensive than standard accent lighting choices.

Florescent Accent Lights

Like most of the other lighting choices available for your bathroom today, florescent lighting has come a long way and now provides another choice that is both economical and decorative. Many of these surface mounted florescent lights can be mounted under valances, in cabinets, or around mirrors with your choice of lighting, as florescent bulbs come in daylight, warm, and many other interesting choices.

Halogen Accent Lights

Halogen lighting today comes in moisture and water resistant like all other lighting fixtures recommended for bathroom lighting. Halogen lights can be used above sinks, over bathtubs, or even in shower areas, plus they can easily be used in conjunction with any other type of accent lighting used in the bathroom. Unlike most lighting fixtures, using halogen lighting is ideal in a room, like a bathroom, where the lighting is coming from many sources. These fixtures are now available in focus models as well, which allow you to aim the individual head or light in any direction required to accomplish the task at hand.

So, finding the right accent lighting or combination of accent lighting for use in your bathroom all comes down to a matter of taste. The majority of these accent lighting options have many styles and finishes; therefore, you can let your style show through when lighting the bathroom space in your home.