Best Vacuum for Berber Carpet

Looking for the best wet/dry, upright vacuum cleaner, or cannister vacuum cleaner for Berber carpet? Consider these qualities when selecting your brand. First of all, Berber is not a brand or name of carpet. "Berber" describes the kind of weave used to create the carpet. The weave creates a series of loops, which tend to trap dirt and stain, making it difficult to clean. The type of fabric used in a Berber weave can be made of wool, nylon, polyester, Olefin (petro-plastic), or a blend of types of fibers. The lower the quality of fabrics used in a Berber carpet, the harder it will be to care for and to keep it clean because of the level of stain resistance. When selecting a vacuum for a Berber carpet most Berber carpet manufacturers advise using a commercial vacuum cleaner. When that's not possible they say use a turbine driven vacuum cleaner.

Vacuums with revolving brush rolls can actually damage the loops on a Berber carpet and decrease its lifespan and looks. If your Berber carpet is new, consider using a spray-on scotch guard to help keep dirt and stains from being trapped in the carpet.

Most major vacuum manufacturers such as Hoover, Dyson and Electrolux all make both wet/dry turbine driven vacuum models. Uprights and canister models are both effective. The decision on which is better depends on your needs and home. Canister models may be easier to use in a home with carpeted stairways, or small rooms with tight corners.