Best Ways To Clean A Hammock

A hammock can provide hours of relaxation at home, but if you have allergies, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. Instead of taking a nap in the dust and dirt collected over many months, use these simple tips to clean your hammock, keeping the colors bright and the fabric strong.

Using a Washing Machine

Many contemporary hammocks are designed for washing machines. If your hammock has removable spreader bars, you can wash the fabric in a washing machine.

After you remove the spreader bars and shake the surface dust from it, tie up all the extra strings. Roll up the hammock and stuff it into a pillowcase, closing up the top with a clothespin or string. Use a mild detergent to wash the hammock in cold water on a delicate cycle. Never use bleach.

Once the wash cycle is complete, remove your hammock from the pillowcase and hang it outside to air dry. Never use a regular clothes dryer to dry a hammock.

Hand Washing your Hammock

Hand washing is simple and can save you money on water bills. Follow the same steps outlined above to place the hammock in the pillowcase with the top closed up.

Fill up a large tub with cool water and some mild detergent or soap. Scrub, swish and squeeze the pillowcase/hammock and empty the water. Refill with fresh water and repeat steps until the water remains clean.

When clean, rinse with water to remove the detergent or soap. Hang to air-dry.

Non-Removable Spreader Bars

If the spreader bars can't be taken off, clean the hammock with hose. Take your hammock off of the stand and place it on a clean area of the ground. Spray the hammock with the highest pressure of water, taking care to get every spot. Once the top of the hammock looks clean, flip it over and spray off the other side.

Use a sponge or cloth to scrub the hammock with mild detergent or soap with water. Focus on problem areas and be sure to scrub both sides of the hammock’s fabric.

Finally, take your hose and rinse the hammock again. Make sure all of the soap has been removed from the fabric before you hang it up to air-dry.

Maintain your Hammock

The best way to keep your hammock in good shape for many years is to protect it from the dangers of hot and cold weather. Keep it stored away during the winter to avoid damage. During the summer, keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods of time and when not in use. This will help the fabric maintain its strong colors.