Best Ways To Decorate An Arbor

How you decorate your arbor will depend a lot on what it is made of. Arbors are a beautiful addition to any landscape. What you can add to your arbor is only limited by your imagination and skill. Arbors can be decorated for the seasons with anything from plants to scarves.

Let Your Imagination Go

Decorate your arbor with things that will compliment your existing landscape and taste. Choose carefree outdoor treatments. Also choose decorations that will suit what your arbor is made of. When choosing how to decorate your arbor, look at what is already in your landscape. Look at your arbor.

  • Plants that will climb the arbor are a great and very common choice. There are many climbing plants to choose from. Before choosing plants, make sure what you want is right for your climate. Be sure the plant has enough sun and will easily climb with a little training. Grape vines, climbing roses, or even morning glories. All of these will climb nicely on your arbor. 
  • If you don't happen to have a green thumb, try some imitation vines. They will give that pretty, vine-crawling look. There are many that look very real and the only one who has to know is you.
  • Hanging scarves is another great way to jazz up your arbor. Use scarves that won't bleed the color when they get wet.
  • Choose designs that you can change with the seasons. Add some lighting for a party or holidays.

Choose Complementary Colors

Arbors look great when decorated with colors that complement your home and landscape. There is a rainbow of color choices. If in doubt about what will grow well in your landscape, take some pictures of your yard to a local green house. They will assist you in choosing just the right plantings for your arbor.

Climbing, flowering plants are the most common and attractive way to decorate an arbor. American wisteria with its purple flowers looks great climbing an arbor and will last for years. Wisteria needs a lot of moisture to grow and bloom to its potential.

Another possibility is climbing roses. They come in a wide variety of colors that make it easy to get a good match for your landscape. They are hardy enough to last for years. 

Climbing hydrangea just love to climb garden arbors; their white flowers and wonderful green leaves go anywhere. They can brighten up an arbor gate and make for a grand entrance.

Moonflowers and morning glories are also very good choices. Moonflowers are white also, and they will add just the right touch to your arbor. Morning glories also climb nicely and will look great. They come in several colors, so you can choose one or a few colors to work in your color scheme.