Bifold Closet Doors: 4 Makeover Ideas

Of the closet door types, bifold closet doors provide one of the most interesting and decorative facades to your bedroom or hallway storage space. Comprised of 2 fold-up panels per door, as a pair they offer you 4 surfaces with which to work. They make an excellent candidate for a closet door makeover, for their recessed surface holds attachments well, and they are easily stripped, refaced or refinished. If you are bored with your bifold closet door appearance and want to redecorate them, consider these 4 makeover ideas. 

Sprucing up the bifold closet doors in your room, hallway or elsewhere in your home does not require a lot of money. In many cases, you may already have some of the elements around the house. Before doing any redecorating of the doors, take them down off their hinges and lay them out on a work surface. Remove any hardware before working on the doors.  


The first method is refinishing the doors. If they are naturally finished or painted, stripping the finish and adding a different stain or varnish of your choice will give the closet doors a whole new look. This idea will not be possible if the doors are made of plastic or a wood-based composite. If, however, they are natural wood, give it new life and bring out its grain by refinishing the doors. 


The second idea is to repaint the doors. Perhaps you are going for a whole new look in your bedroom or wherever the bifold doors are located. Maybe you simply want to change colors. Strip the current paint first then add a layer or two of primer followed by the paint of your choice. Two-tone the doors for a more visually interesting aesthetic. Whether you want the doors to be subtle and softly adorned or loud and striking, painting is the method of choice. 


Refacing the bifold closet doors is the third makeover idea. Rather than refinish or repaint the doors, perhaps you would like to spruce them up in a boldly unique manner. This could be anything from gluing beautiful ceramic tiles to the doors in a nice pattern to covering the recessed slats with a homemade, hand-woven fabric design. You are limited in terms of being able to open and close the doors, so the refacing cannot add anything with too much texture. 

Add Fixtures

A final makeover idea is to add a fixture such as a mirror to the doors. Placing 4 mirrors of equal size into and over the recessed panels creates a standing vanity as well as adding depth to the room. The bifold doors would lack symmetry and/or cohesion if you installed a mirror in fewer than 4 of the panels, so it is best to opt for consistency. 

Making over bifold closet doors can be done in a number of ways, each of which reflects your desire for the room to take on a particular look. It is a great, easy change to make that will alter the whole motif of a room.