Bifold Door Hardware: An Item-by-Item Guide

Buying bi-fold door hardware is something that is often overlooked but needs to have thoughtful and thorough consideration. Bi-fold door hardware is just as important as the bi-fold doors themselves.

To install a bi-fold door, you need a few different pieces of hardware. These pieces/parts are as follows.


Hinges are used to connect the doors. Invest in a good steel hinge. No-mortise hinges are an excellent choice for bi-fold doors. With a no-mortise hinge, one leaf is set inside the other. Installation of the hinge leaves on a small gap between the door and the frame, thereby maintaining the integrity of the bi-fold door. Another alternative to the no-mortise hinge is a double-locking bi-fold door hinge. This type of hinge will stabilize a bi-fold door by locking in two positions. This hinge will lock the doors flat when open and it will lock the doors shut when they are folded to eliminate bounce back.

Track Hardware

When purchasing bi-fold door hardware, look for track hardware. Special track and hardware must be used to support the single panel bi-fold doors. There are different track options available. An easy residential application (for light weight doors) is surface mounted pivots and hangers, where no hole drilling is required. The Pivot locks securely and holds the door panels in place. If you have purchased and intend to use a heavier bi-fold door, look to purchase track hardware that have ball bearing wheels. These wheels ride smoothly and quietly on the rails. Last, for the heaviest of bi-fold doors will contain extruded aluminum I-beam track. Within the track you will find four nylon wheeled ball-bearing hangers. Heavy-duty pivots and pivot guides will hold heavy duty bi-fold door panels firmly in place. 

Floor Bracket

Floor brackets are used to keep the bi-fold doors in place. It gives them another point of guidance. There are many different types of floor brackets available. If you are looking for something functional, purchase an inexpensive bracket. If your bi-fold door is being used as a room divider or if it is being used as a show-piece in a room, purchase a floor bracket with some style or decorative features.

Door Aligner

The door aligner is a necessary part of your bi-fold door hardware. This piece of hardware is an alignment device. It consists of wedge-shaped pieces fastened to the bottom of the door. The complimentary wedge-shaped pieces engage each other and pull the bottom edge of the door into alignment. Each piece are fairly invisible from either side of the door.

Bi-Fold Door Hardware Kits

If you go to purchase a bi-fold door hardware kit, there are several things that you must consider. You must decide whether the application of your bi-fold doors requires heavy-duty hardware or whether the use of your bi-fold doors can withstand the strength of tap-in hardware.

Heavy-Duty Bi-Fold Door Hardware