Bi-Fold Door Track Problems and Solutions

If you are faced with a bi-fold door track problem consider the solutions below.

Bi-Fold Door Track Problem

Bi-fold tracks may receive abnormal stresses from the opening and closing operations forcing them off track. This usually occurs when a user pulls the knob of the door outward as if it were on traditional side hinges or tries to close it by pushing it straight in rather than pushing it to the side linearly as soon as the central hinges start to fold. Excessive pushing or pulling can cause the track to bend or force the door off track.

Bi-Fold Door Track Solution

If the track is too mangled to be bent back into position, it may have to be replaced with a new one. Parts are available at any hardware store that sells the doors. 

If the door has gotten off track, inspect it from the top down, checking to make sure the rollers are moving freely and that the hinges are securely attached and well lubricated.

The best defence against bi-fold door track problems is to handle with care to begin with. Always move door laterally rather than in and out.