Biofuel Equipment Needed for Conversion

To convert your vehicle to using biodiesel, you will need biofuel equipment to make the car run efficiently. Biofuel is gaining in popularity because it is a renewable and clean resource. It is made from products like vegetable oil or soybean oil. Because of its popularity, many companies have begun offering complete kits with the specific biofuel equipment that is needed for an easy conversion. You will need the following equipment when doing your biofuel conversion.

Waste Tank

The biofuel does not become exhaust like regular gas. Once the parts of the biofuel have been burned, there is a small amount of waste that must be stored in a tank. Most complete kits have a waste tank included.

Heating Components

To burn efficiently, the biofuel needs to reach a certain temperature. This is done through the use of a warming element to bring the oil up to the right burning temperature.

Oil Pumps

The regular fuel pump system in a vehicle is not going to work with the vegetable oil biofuel. The oil is too thick to pass through the small aerators in the gas pumps. A complete kit will include several different pumps for sending the oil to the heating elements into the waste tank and even mixing of the liquids.