Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock: Worth the Price?

If you are wondering if a biometric fingerprint door lock is worth the price, you may be surprised at how affordable they are becoming.

Not Just High Security

Some people still think of biometrics as belonging only to highly secure laboratories and secret espionage facilities.

However, that is not an accurate vision of the current state of biometrics. Biometric door locks are becoming more and more common in many offices and homes.

What is a Fingerprint Door Lock?

These door locks open when an electronic reader scans the unique fingerprint of a person.

The fingerprint reader turns the fingerprint into a numerical algorithm, and the number is secured into a database. In order to unlock that algorithm again, the same fingerprint needs to be rescanned.

Why Biometric Locks?

Now that the technology has become more widely used and affordable, the use of biometric locks is spreading to other places outside of the highly secure locations that previously used such technology.

This technology was, and still is, used at secure laboratories and highly sensitive intelligence areas because of how difficult it is to breach. While a thief can bump a standard key lock and may steal the code to a keypad lock, it is much more difficult to duplicate a fingerprint.

With biometrics, there is no worry about someone forgetting a key and having to wait for hours outside the house before another family member can let him or her in. In addition, you won’t need to hide a key around the outside of the home.

If someone in the home or office loses his or her keys, then in the past it would have been necessary to re-key the locks and a degree of expense and bother. With biometrics, however, such re-keying is unnecessary. There is never a wait for lost keys or locksmiths.

When someone moves out of a house or leaves employment, there is no delay in adjusting the locks. Their fingerprints are simply removed from the system. They are also an improvement over keypad codes, card readers or pass cards, because with each of those systems, there is something that can be lost or forgotten.

Price and Features

Biometric fingerprint door locks come in a variety of styles ranging from $150 to $1000, depending on the features of the locks.

You can buy deadbolt latches, latches with a separate deadbolt, locks that create and audit a trail so you can know who entered the building, and high tech network locks for an office.

Many fingerprint locks accommodate multiple users which can be as many as 100.