What Is A Blind Stop?

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A blind stop is a piece of rectangular molding that is utilized in the construction of window frames. A blind stop is nailed between the outside trim piece and the outside sashes. It is designed to serve as a stop for the sash or a screen.

A blind stop also has the additional benefit of keep air from getting into the home through the edges of the window. The blind stop serves the same purpose as the inside stop, except it is positioned for function on the exterior of the window.

Specifications of a Blind Stop

A blind stop is usually made to be 3/4 by 1-3/4 inches or more in width. The blind stop is cut and then applied to the outside edges of the jambs which hold the sash in place. This is the typical construction method used on a standard double-hung window.

The blind stop makes what is called a rabbet, the purpose of which is to support either a storm window or screen.