Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone pavers are visually appealing pavers created using natural stone. The bluestones are typically used in outdoors paving projects such as patios, driveways, decking areas, paths and walkways. They are fairly versatile, which another reason they are so popular.

Advantages of  Bluestone Pavers

There are many reasons to use bluestone in your paver design. They are exceedingly durable, and despite being made of what is known as softstone, they are very hardwearing. They can also be used without needing to have a protective layer put over the top, saving time and money, although many people choose to use a sealer over the top to make the bluestone last longer.


Bluestone pavers are porous, and so can hold large quantities of water. This can be a problem during autumn and winter, and the stone may even lose its visual appeal if water remains trapped in the stone. To prevent this, many people add a sealant, but this also has to be of a particular type.

Unlike other forms of pavers, bluestones are not naturally shiny, and may need a gloss added to the sealant to really bring out the beauty of the stone.