BMW Brake Repair: 3 Best Types of Rotors for BMW Brakes

The brakes of BMW vehicles are one of the automobiles most valued features, making BMW brake repair an important aspect of maintenance for BMW owners. Rotors and brake systems need regular inspection and replacement to ensure that brakes function properly. If your brakes make a squealing or grinding noise when braking, you may need to replace your rotors. In addition, if your brake pedal vibrates or undulates when pressing the brake, you may need to replace your rotors as well. BMW brake rotors are especially susceptible to overheating, which causes them to warp. When inspecting your BMW rotors, pay attention to any type of groove, scoring, defect or discoloration, as these are all signs of damage that might require replacement.

Best Type - Slotted Rotors

Slotted rotors are a popular choice in BMW rotor replacements. Slotted rotors have holes or slots in them that help protect the rotors and brake system by removing water and debris from the rotor surface. The slotting of the rotor enables them to keep water, dirt, dust and debris away from rotor surface. Also, the slots give a location for hot vapors to release from the rotor. By releasing the heated vapors, the rotors have another layer of protection from heat warping and damage. The slots are also a great place to check for wear, as they show wear quite well. Do not mistake a slotted rotor as being the same or equal to a drilled rotor. Drilled rotors are prone to cracking because the drilled holes create weak spots in the rotor. Slotted rotors are the preferred rotor type for performance cars like BMWs since their design allows for stressful usage. BMWs, designed as performance cars, require brake systems and rotors that can handle the stress that a performance car puts onto its brake system.

Material Type - Ceramic Rotors

Ceramic rotors are also a great choice for your BMW. The main feature of ceramic rotors is their low dusting capabilities. Being a low dusting rotor, ceramic rotors can actually help keep dust from building up on your wheels. In addition, ceramic rotors are quieter than standard rotors. Using ceramic rotors can extend the overall brake life in your vehicle when compared to organic rotors and semi-metal rotors. Ceramic rotors have a great capability to withstand heat. Ceramic rotors can endure very high temperatures without warping or distorting. Also, ceramic rotors will not transfer heat to the brake pads, which also adds a layer of protection for the pads.

Best Condition – New

It sounds obvious, but the best condition to purchase BMW rotors is new. Many mechanics and car technicians may say used rotors are okay for installation, but in a performance vehicle such as BMW this is not the optimal choice. New rotors will have decreased sound and perform at an optimal level for a longer time. Reuse of a rotor is possible after resurfacing the rotor to remove distortions, defect or warps. Most rotors are very thin to begin with and resurfacing to remove flaws thins the rotors further, diminishing the quality and longevity.