Board and Batten Siding Repair: 2 Tips

Board batten siding is a popular installation pattern for exterior siding, and it can be done with various types of siding materials. Board and batten siding is created by attaching siding panels vertically to the underlayent and covering gaps in between with battens-smaller pieces of wood, vinyl or other siding materials. Small repairs to board and batten siding can be done rather easily yourself by following a few tips for fixing common problems such as warping and holes.

Warped Siding

Board and batten siding that is poorly installed with too little space between the siding and underlayment can warp when it is exposed to moisture. Minor warping can often be corrected by locating a wood stud with a stud finder and drilling 2 galvanized screws through the warped area into the stud. More serious warping will usually require you to pry up the warped board and install a support block behind it to create more needed space.

Siding Holes

Holes are mainly a problem in natural solid wood siding. You will need to fill them with a good quality wood putty, and be sure to look for one that is compatible with paints and stains so that you can apply it to match the rest of the siding.