Bookshelf Designs for The Enthusiast

For the reading enthusiast, a bookshelf is essential to keep your literary collection organized. Finding a bookshelf that fits the aesthetic of your home will not only keep your home tidy, but will enhance the overall style of the room. With so many design options, it's good to do know what's available before you purchase a new bookshelf.

Cave Bookshelf

This new design gives the urban or suburban bibliophile a cozy place to hide while reading. It features a comfortable vinyl lined “cave” in the center of the bookshelf to allow a reader to curl up and enjoy a book in a cozy space. It also has plenty of storage area for books and knickknacks.

Extending or Expanding Bookcase

These bookshelves expand as the need of the owner grows. The closed structure resembles a piece of interesting, rectangular modern art, then turns into an increasingly large number of cubbies and short shelves as the cabinet is expanded. REA makes one version of this clever design, perfect for a person just starting out.

Upside Down Bookshelf

Certain companies sell a hanging bookshelf that actually hangs the books upside down. An apparatus can safely hold the books in place. The books hang under the bookshelf. This gives an interesting and gravity defying look to your book collection.