Bow Window Draft: Identify and Fix the Problem

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A bow window is used by those who want to bring extra light into their room and make the space look bigger. However, bow windows are susceptible to damage especially when it lacks supporting brackets. Most bow windows are heavy, so without the support, they will easily get loosened up and might drop onto the ground if not repaired immediately. Supporting brackets are very important because they will be the ones carrying the weight of the bow window.

Bow Sagging

Damage usually occurs in the bow because bow windows are heavy. If they are not well supported at the top and at the bottom, your bow will soon be sagging. Even if you will find out that the damage is concentrated at the bottom, you still have to put strong support brackets on both sides. This strong support bracket will hold your bow window and will be carrying the weight. You can either use a strong bracket made from wood or steel depending on the current design of your bow window. You can use nails or screws to attach your support brackets to the wall.

Fitting Strong Brackets

To further support your strong brackets holding the bow window, you can use fitting support brackets under the base. These fitting support brackets will help the weight to be evenly spread all throughout the supporting bracket. If your window is hanging a bit down, you can push the support brackets to lift the window up a little. Using screws which are meant for these kinds of brackets, you can attach the brackets into the wall. The wall of your house and the supporting brackets will be holding the weight of your bow window.

You can attach as many brackets as you like, but make sure that this will still look good and fit your decor. Too many support brackets can make your bow window look messy and out of style.

Supporting Cable

Another support which you can add to your bow window is the use of a strong support cable. Attach the supporting cable to a bracket located at the center top of the window. The other end of the cable attaches to the wall. Screw the cable to the wall tightly because it will also be holding the weight of your bow window. To make sure that the cable is tight enough, you can use a cable tightener. As you tighten the cable, you will notice that the window will be lifted up a little. Don’t make it too tight or your will be destroying your window, stop when you can see that the amount of distance that your window has lifted up is enough. Try to look at the balance of your bow window. You can also use 2 support cables to hold your bow window at the top if you want it to be stronger, just do the same procedure.