Braai: What it is and How to Use it

Africans use a method similar to our grilling, which they call braai. This term is also used to explain a gathering that is similar to a barbecue or cookout, but each gender has their specific tasks. Here are the elements that explain what a braai is, and how it is used.

1 - What is a Braai?

A braai is a grill. It is constructed of metal or of bricks which are of a kettle form. It will then have a grilling cover to hold food over a wood fire. Some manufacturer's began making gas braai's, but it has not become as popular as the traditional method of open wood cooking which is a large part of the African's heritage.

2 - How a Braai is Used

The cooking method of braai is similar to barbecuing on a grill, except the braai uses wood for its source of cooking and we use charcoal or gas. It used to be the main source of cooking all meats, and still is today in many areas of the world. Braai is also used as a term for gathering to share a meal with friends and family. Traditionally, only the men cook the meat over the braai and socialize while the women cook the side dishes and desserts in the kitchen. When all of the food is prepared everyone sits around the braai to enjoy their meal.