Bracing a Gable Roof

Bracing a gable roof is an important part of making sure that it is as secure and as sturdy as it possibly can be. What makes a gable roof what its higher pitch than ordinary roofs. This higher pitch is going to mean that bracing your gable roof is important.

When it comes to bracing your gable roof, you are going to require the use of gable end rafters, a nail gun and 16-penny nails, brace studs, ½ inch structural-one plywood, a jack post, gable end studs and a 2x6 brace.

Gable end rafters should be pulled up and then nailed to the plate with two nails attached to the front and another to the back. The second gable end rafter should be attached in the same way to the ridge plate. At this point, the rafters should connect at the center where the roof pitch is the highest.

Now you should brace your gable roof at the end using a temporary stud and install a jack post at a vertical angle running up from the beginning of the joist and connecting to the gable end rafters at the center where they meet. The gable end should be attached with studs on either side of the jack post. A 2x6 brace should be inserted running up from the joist to the ridge board, and studs should be inserted to brace the installation.