Brass Fireplace Door Cleaning And Care

brass fireplace doors

A brass fireplace door can add an old-world charm to the existing décor of the room. Cleaning of the brass door however is one of the major concerns for householders.

Your fireplace needs regular cleaning and if you have a brass fireplace door installed at the opening you have to be all the more particular about it. The reason is that brass tends to oxidize or tarnish when exposed to air. Here is how you can keep your brass fireplace door sparkling clean.

Apply lemon juice and salt to the sponge side of a scrubbing sponge and clean the stains on the brass fireplace door.

For tougher stains use rubbing alcohol and the scrub side of the scrubber. Another way to do it is to apply a light scouring low abrasion crème with a sponge dampened in water and buff it dry.

Put a little bit of any yellow oil on a rag and wipe down (do not smear) the brass fireplace door.

Buff it dry with a soft cotton cloth.

When you bought your brass fireplace door it was probably given a clear coating of lacquer. You can lacquer the door again by spraying the lacquer on evenly in thin coats.