A breezeway is a term that is used to connect two different structures. Often times, a breezeway will be covered or enclosed. There are many instances where breezeways are used.

Using a Breezeway

Breezeways are most commonly seen when a garage is connected to a house. It is just as common to see a covered breezeway to a garage as it is to see an enclosed one. These were designed to shield people from the elements when having to travel between the two. As the years progress, more home owner’s are choosing to build an enclosed breezeway.

Do It Yourself Breezeway

These structures are a common do it yourself project. The general construction is easy. Depending on the type of structure you are making, either covered or enclosed, will depend highly on the materials you will need. Most breezeway projects just require the necessities of erecting a wall and ceiling. In general, this is a weekend project for most and possibly a 3 day project for the less experienced.