Brick Block Calculation Techniques

You’re building a brick block wall and need to figure out how much brick you need to order from the local home improvement warehouse or landscape supply yard. This article will step you through the process of determining how many brick blocks you need to buy.

Determine Dimensions of Project and Calculate

Before you can determine how many bricks you’re going to need, you need to first determine the dimensions of you project. This article is going to presume that you’re building a brick wall. First, when building a wall, it will need to be anchored into the ground. If it’s just a decorative garden wall, with nothing being supported by it, then anchoring it with a layer of cinder blocks should be fine. If it will be required to support weight, then it should be anchored by 2 layers of cinder block. The cinder blocks should be set in on edge, with the openings up and down so they can be filled with mortar or concrete for added strength. Set these foundation blocks first, by digging a trench the length of the wall and setting them. Once the concrete has cured, backfill the trench up to approximately 1 inch below the height of the blocks and pack it firmly against the blocks. You’re now ready to start building the wall after buying the correct amount of brick block for your project. This is how to determine how many blocks you’ll need.

  1. Determine the straight line length or lineal footage of the wall being built. This article will use a length of 8 feet as an example.
  2. Determine how high you want the wall to be. For the purposes of this article, the wall will be considered to be 4 feet high.
  3. Now you need to decide on how thick of a mortar line you want. This is the thickness of the mortar joint between bricks. This article will use a 1/4 inch mortar joint. This means that each brick will have 1.2 inch of mortar between it and each of the bricks around it.
  4. Standard American brick block size is 8 inches in length, 4 inches in width by 2.25 inches in height.
  5. Using the presumed measurements of an 8 foot long by 4 foot high wall, use division to determine how many bricks will be required to complete our project.
  6. To determine how many bricks you need to obtain your 4 foot height, divide 48 inches by 2.5 inches ( 2.25 inch brick thickness, plus 0.25 inch mortar thickness). You will need 19 bricks to reach 4 feet high.
  7. To determine how many bricks will be needed to make your 8 foot length, divide 96 inches by 8.25 inches ( 8 inch brick length plus ¼ inch mortar joint.) This gives a result of 11.6 bricks to give us an 8 foot long wall. This means 1 brick in each layer will need to be cut in half.
  8. To find your total number of required bricks, simply multiply the length (12 round up) by the height (19). This gives a total of 228 bricks to complete this project.