Brick Path Sealant and Keeping Stones Looking New

A worn down brick path can add character to a garden or backyard, but you might prefer having your path look new. Installing a weed barrier with an attractive bark or gravel base can keep the sides of the path sharp and clean. You can also invest in a sealant to prevent water damage and other environmental wear and tear.

Using a Sealant

If you have taken the time to match brickwork, keeping the color of the bricks looking fresh and new may an important feature to the overall appeal of your home. Use a silicone based sealant to prevent water damage. Since bricks are very porous, leaving them unsealed can lead to erosion and fading. Waterproof paint is another option to protect your bricks, but silicone based sealants may be a better choice as they are easy to apply, will dry clear and are safe to walk on.

Installing a Weed Barrier

Weed barriers prevent plant growth from covering the edges of your brick path, giving the path a cleaner appearance. Use mesh fabric mulch weighed down with gravel or bark as an attractive way to keep weeds off your path.

Sealants and weed barriers are both easy and effective ways to keep your brick path looking its best.