Brick Porch Construction: Mistakes to Avoid

Are you ready to tackle a porch construction project? If you prefer the traditional look, if you want durability, if you want to compliment the look of your home, then consider using brick to build your porch. If this will be your first brick porch construction project, you should be aware of a few potential mistakes to avoid.

Building Over an Existing Porch

You'll be able to depend on a more durable and stable brick porch if you build it on a firm base rather than an existing porch or steps. Even if the original porch is concrete and looks firm and stable, don't chance building onto it as it will never give you the durability or stability you will get from building your brick porch from the ground up. If you have existing brick steps, tear them out. Start from scratch.

Building on a Soft Soil Base

Do not build your brick porch on a soil base no matter how solid you think the soil is. Your brick will hold up much better if you lay a concrete base on compacted soil. First, remove the soil where you plan to build your porch making sure it is under the frost line. Compact the remaining soil and be sure it is level before pouring your concrete. This will give you the most secure and solid base for your porch.