Brick Veneer

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A brick veneer is basically the brick wall you see anywhere on the exterior of a house. Veneer means the surface and a brick veneer is simply a brick surface of a home.

Desirable Qualities of Brick Veneer

Brick veneer has the qualities of durability and that it never needs painting, like slat wood houses. The brick also adds support to the overall structure of the house, providing it with stability and protection against accidents like falling tree limbs.

The brick veneer wall usually sits directly on the foundation, supports its own weight and is anchored to the house’s wood frame construction. Water drainage is necessary, including a drainage channel, and in some brick veneer home designs, the brick veneer cannot be extended directly down to the foundation.

Maintenance of Brick Veneer

Practically speaking, there is no regular maintenance needed for a well-made brick veneer wall. Over time, however, the cement between the bricks in a brick veneer wall will deteriorate somewhat, and ‘pointing’ needs to be done, which is the grinding out of old cement, and replacing it with new cement. This prevents interior water leakage.