Brick Veneer Patio vs Brick Paver Patio

A brick paver patio looks lovely, but is quite expensive. A brick veneer patio will give your patio area the look of a brick installation without actually having bricks put down. Brick veneer is literally a thin covering, much like tiled layer, which sits on top of a cement base. If you know how tiles are laid, you will understand how veneer works.

What is a Veneer?

A brick veneer, for all intents and purposes, is designed to look exactly like a brick structure, with mortar in each joint. However, the difference is that brick veneer is a fraction of the thickness of bricks and the veneers are placed onto an existing wall or floor.


Brick veneer is far cheaper to install than actual bricks. Your patio would have a scree with a thin layer of mortar or cement adhesive, to which the veneer tiles will be laid and pressed in. It is almost as durable as brick paved patios, but as caution, if they are not laid correctly and firmly, they can loosen and become less effective.


Compared with brick paved patios the veneer is a cheaper alternative, if it means buying the bricks. It is far less time consuming to install and can be laid in hours, rather than days. Costs vary from place to place and installation charges are usually individual to each professional company, but the prices range from a couple of hundred dollars to anything over a couple of thousand, depending on the size of the project.