Brick Walkway Installation

What You'll Need
Leveling board

Elevate the look of your home by adding a brick walkway to your porch. Bricks are available in various designs and look elegant. Laying a brick walkway is an interesting project that you can do on a Saturday. With this set of instructions, right tools and a friend to help you will be able to install your brick walkway yourself and save some money.

Step 1 – Deciding on the Pattern

The very first step is to outline the path that your brick walkway will take. Mark this path with either a string or with flour. A straight brick pathway is much easier to execute than a curved one.

Step 2 – Calculating Gravel Requirement

The quantity of the materials is directly proportional to the design of your pathway. Measure the length, depth and width of the design. Multiply the length and the breadth, the answer you get has to be again multiplied by the depth. The answer is the cubic feet requirement of the gravel.

Step 3 – Calculating Brick Requirement

The general rule is to multiply the length and the breadth of your brick walkway design. The number you get is the square feet area that has to be covered. Just take this number with you when you go shopping for the bricks. The salesperson will calculate how many bricks will be required for the design. If your walkway has curves, then you need to break it into sections and perform the above calculation again.

Step 4 – Preparing the Area

Use a shovel to dig the walkway, 8 inches depth will be sufficient. Make sure to clean up the area, but removing any rocks or roots from the walkway.

Step 5 - Adding the Materials

After you prepare the area spread four inches of gravel to the walkway and tamp the area with a compactor. Now place pipes of one inch on both sides of the brick walkway.  They should be at the same level. Add two inches of sand to the walkway. Take a board and place it on the pipe and slide it over the area where you have spread the sand, this will help in leveling the sand and gravel.

Step 6 – Installing the Bricks

Along both sides of the walkway place the plastic bricks, in such a way that the bricks will border the path. Use 12 inch nails to fix this plastic brick border to the ground. This will provide a strong foundation for the bricks and will stop the sand and gravel to spread. Now place the bricks as per your design. Make sure that the bricks interlock. This will ensure the strength of the walkway. The seams of the brick rows should never line up against the adjacent rows. Finally, sprinkle sand over the joints and use the compactor over the brick walkway.