Brick Walkway Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A brick walkway makes a beautiful accent to any home and garden area, but the installation technique is crucial for achieving the right effect. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

Choosing Unsuitable Materials

Brick pavers are the best choice for a brick walkway, since real bricks may not stand up to weather conditions. Brick pavers can also be installed without mortar.

Creating the Wrong Shape

A straight brick walkway sets a very formal tone, and a winding walkway is more informal. Take note of the buildings and gardens near your brick walkway to create a walkway that suits the surrounding area.

Building Too Close to Obstructions

People will not be able to use your brick walkway easily if it is blocked. Make sure trees, shrubs and rocks are at least two or three feet away from your brick path.

Failing to Prepare a Base

It’s very important to prepare a base area for your brick walkway so it will be flat and firm. Dig enough space for the bricks plus extra for sand and gravel.  After packing the  ground down tightly, fill the area with ¾-inches of gravel. Next, pack the gravel, and add two inches of sand or stone dust before installing brick pavers.