When Your Home is a Brick Home

A brick home is beauty you can bank on. That's because, unlike any other material, brick combines universal appeal with important economic benefits.

Brick instantly communicates those qualities that are most desirable in a home - permanence, warmth, and substance. Even from a distance, brick adds to a home's impact and distinction. Brick assures that, at first glance, visitors will consider the home more prestigious, more impressive. Real estate agents refer to this all important first impression as "curb appeal," and no material contributes more to a home's curb appeal than brick. This intangible, immediate response to a brick exterior - even when brick is used only on the front of the house - is not only flattering. It means enhanced resale value through the years.

Why do people react so positively to brick? Perhaps the answer lies in the inviting texture of brick or its obvious strength. Perhaps the answer is that brick is a natural, modular material, or that people can easily relate to its human scale. Whatever the reason, brick has elicited an almost instinctive, positive response in people for generations. And the end is nowhere in sight. The limitless variety and versatility of brick inspires new approaches and fresh ideas for architectural design daily. So whether you're more at home with traditional styling or the most innovative contemporary design, brick can make a unique contribution to your home's beauty.

Fortunately, brick is as economical as it is attractive. It costs only slightly more to build with brick than it does to build with other materials. And these initial costs, stretched out over the years of your home mortgage, are far outweighed by the ongoing savings and high appreciation only a brick home offers.

Brick Adds 6 Percent to a Home's Appreciated Value

Even if the home you are buying or building now is the home of your dreams, it is also a major investment. To assure the largest return on your investment, you'll want to consider your home's potential for appreciation and maximize its resale value.

According to Marshall and Swift's Residential Cost Handbook, a reference used by real estate appraisers, the appreciation of a brick home is on the average 6 percent greater than that of an identical home with a vinyl, wood siding, cedar, or aluminum exterior.

Real estate markets may fluctuate, but brick home always retain and increase their value at a higher rate than homes with other exteriors.

Brick Saves Money on Energy, Maintenance, and Insurance

Brick is one of the original energy conservation tools. Simply because of its mass, it prevents temperature extremes on the outside of your home from affecting the temperature on the inside of your home. This process is sometimes called "thermal lag," and it translates into greater year-round comfort and energy savings for homeowners. You'll need to use your air conditioning less in summer, and your heat less in winter. That's good news for the environment and your fuel bill.

Savings add up even faster when your consider brick's other unique qualities.

Brick is practically maintenance-free. Sit back and enjoy your home, no repainting or restraining required. In fact, the cost difference between building a brick home and a home covered in siding roughly equals the cost of a single repainting. You make up the difference, first time out. And you're fee to spend your weekends on good times - instead of on a ladder.

Yet that's not the only saving you can expect with brick. While homes covered in other materials can corrode, rot, split, warp, dent, or crack through the years, brick does not. It actually improves with time, no matter how strong the wind or severe the weather.

Brick also provides the ultimate peace of mind that comes with superior fire resistance. It is made of fired clay, so it serves as a barrier to fire as no other exterior material can. Insurance companies know how effective brick is: fire insurance rates on brick homes are generally lower than on other homes.

Brick is pest resistant too, so you don't have to worry about damage to your home or reliance on chemicals. And because of its mass, brick naturally insulates your home from outside sounds. It muffles noise from cars passing by, planes overhead, or townhouse neighbors, increasing the comfort and pleasure of your home.

The Best Looking Material is Also the Most Practical

The exterior of your home is one place you don't want to compromise. And with brick, it's one place you don't need to compromise. You get the look you want - affordable from the start, economical through the years, and most profitable when you sell your home.

Courtesy of the Brick Institute of America