Brick Accents 10 - Pedestal

What You'll Need
Wooden Float
30 Solid Brick Units (have a few extra on hand)
1/2 Cubic Foot Concrete (1 bag premixed concrete)
Garden Hoe

This brick pedestal, designed to provide a dramatic setting for your favorite flower arrangement, is so easy to build you just may want to supervise and let the children have fun creating your new garden addition.

Because no mortar is used in its construction, it is important to have a level, stable base for the pedestal. Gravel may be used, but a concrete slab is best. The slab should be 16" x 12" square and about 4" thick. Make sure the footing is excavated deep enough to go below the frost line.

Place the brick as shown. As you go along, lay each course so that the brick units overlay the cracks between the units on the level below.

Courtesy of the Brick Institute of America