Brick Accents 11 - Steps

What You'll Need
2' Hand Level
Bottomless Wooden Box
Pointing Tool
Brick Hammer
For brick 4" x 8" x 1 5/8", allow 4.1 units per square foot of tread area and 2.75 units per foot of length of the risers.
Garden Hose
Garden Hoe
Hand Brush

The importance of an attractive entrance to a house cannot be overemphasized. It provides that first impression and sets the mood for the entire home. An entryway of brick steps adds warmth and character and helps to project a sense of quality and permanence.

Careful planning and execution can provide just the touch you're looking for, at little expense. But good workmanship, patience and some degree of experience are essentials for success with this project.

Lay out the brick in position to see how they will fit, remembering to allow 3/8" between units to allow for mortar. You may want to rent a brick cutting machine if a great many brick must be cut.

Unless your concrete steps already have an adequate slope, lay the brick units so that they slope forward a little to allow for good drainage. Take particular care with workmanship and tool all mortar joints inward to protect against water penetration.

Courtesy of the Brick Institute of America