Bring These Things Indoors during Winter

outdoor patio area with umbrella and table by backyard

If you live somewhere that gets winter weather, you’ll want to ensure you bring a number of things indoors to keep them safe for use next time it gets warm out. We have a list of what to bring inside for the cold weather months below.

Wicker Furniture

A popular medium for outdoor furniture is wicker. This material is not suitable for outdoor winter weather, though. That means it needs to be brought inside for the cold weather months.

Water can easily get inside of wicker furniture. When that water freezes, it expands. That may prompt cracking and breakage of the wicker, which is obviously not optimal.

The beauty of this furniture, though, is that it can easily be used indoors during the cold months. Or, you can choose to cover and store it somewhere safely inside.

Steel Furniture

Steel furniture is commonly used on patios and in yards. However, this material cannot withstand winter weather and should be brought indoors. This is because cold conditions can cause the paint to crack.

Water that gets within those cracks can lead to rust, which will weaken the furniture and affect its overall condition. The winter is a great time to touch up the scratches on this furniture before it’s brought inside for the duration of the season.

Cushions and Pillows

wicker outdoor furniture with large cushions

Cushions and pillows that go with your patio furniture should also be brought inside for the winter. If the cushions have removable covers, read the manufacturer’s directions for cleaning. Take off the covers and wash them accordingly.

You should also read the labels to learn if you can safely add bleach to the wash cycle to kill off any existing mildew. If you can’t put these materials in the washing machine, use a dry cloth and sturdy brush to apply a mild detergent.

Once this is done, store the cushions and pillows indoors for the duration of the season so that they’ll be safe from the harsh conditions of the winter.

Storing your clean, dry fabric items from your yard and patio is usually the safest way to ensure it doesn’t grow mold and mildew over the winter. However, if your cushions and pillows are specifically designed to be weatherproof, they can likely stay outside for the winter, so be sure to read the labels.

Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella should be taken inside during the winter months. Before doing so, wash the fabric of the umbrella to make sure it’s clean and ready for when next season rolls around. Use a brush and mild detergent to clean the umbrella.

Let it dry while it’s in the open position. While it dries, lubricate the locks, switches, and pivots, then close the umbrella.

Wrap it in a drop cloth, which helps prevent mildew or mold from forming on the material. Tape the plastic around the umbrella. Store it in a waterproof area of your home or basement for the season.

wicker furniture with patio umbrella

Iron Patio Furniture

Iron is another material that cannot stay outside for the season. Before bringing it in for the winter, touch it up like you do for steel. Cold and wet conditions can be detrimental to this material, causing cracking and rust.

This will cut the lifespan of the furniture inside, which is why it’s best to bring it inside and protect it from snow, cold weather, rain, and wind.

Glass Topped Tables

outdoor table with glass top

Tables that have a glass top should not stay outside during the winter months. Snow, wind, and cold weather actually don’t pose much of a threat to this type of table.

However, the falling branches from trees covered in snow and blown by wind could cause an unwanted break. Prevent the glass top from shattering by simply bringing it inside for this part of the year.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Although plastic patio furniture can usually withstand the cold and doesn’t have issues with freezing, the cold weather can still have an effect. These low temperatures and winter weather can make the furniture brittle, so it’s best to take it inside to prevent this from happening.

Taking these items indoors expands their lifespan and can ensure that everything is in tip-top condition by the time next spring rolls around!