Bristle or Synthetic Filament Brushes

For Latex and Other Water-Based Paints

Using only synthetic filament brushes with these paints is a must. These filaments do not absorb the water from the paint like natural bristle does and therefore do not become soft and limp. They are much more water-resistant, hold their shape and have been handcrafted to perform like high-quality bristle brushes. These brushes are available on the market in many quality levels.

For Oil-Based Paints, Enamels, Varnishes, Stains, Lacquers and Shellacs

A natural China bristle brush has certain characteristics that have never been duplicated exactly. They give you an excellent finished appearance, smooth paint flow and require less "dipping" in the paint container.

For Low VOC Paints/Coatings

Responding to recent EPA guidelines from the government's Clean Air Act, paint manufacturers have introduced paints with lower VOC levels (volatile organic compounds). These ozone friendly products have different chemical properties from conventional paints, often resulting in slight changes in application characteristics. For instance, some latexes may dry somewhat faster, while most oil-base paints become thicker with "higher solids" levels.

Courtesy of Purdy Worldwide