Kitchen Decorating: Budget Ways to Update an Outdated Kitchen

An updated kitchen.

Many features give away the age of a kitchen, and these are often simple features that can be easily updated to improve the overall look of the room. With a handful of simple changes you can easily update an outdated kitchen and bring it into the present without spending a great deal of money in the process. Consider the following budget kitchen decorating tips and tricks and update your outdated kitchen. More than likely these simple updates can be completed in a single weekend.

Budget Hardware Changes

When stepping into a kitchen, one of the first features to give away the age of the space is the hardware on the cabinets. It literally screams outdated if it is hardware from decades past. This is a very easy fix, and although cabinet hardware can be quite expensive it comes in all price ranges to meet every budget and style preference. Swap out hardware to instantly update outdated kitchen cabinets. If the cabinetry is in otherwise good shape it will look completely new and entirely different, and all for the cost of new handles and knobs.

Remove Cabinet Doors and Update with Stylish Budget Baskets

Open cabinetry complete with stylish storage baskets are one of the latest decorating trends, and outdated cabinets can be instantly updated if the doors are removed and shelves are equipped with baskets. Budget baskets can be used to hold everything from potholders to kitchen gadgets, and everything in between.

If the cabinetry design is L-shaped, remove the doors from the cabinets that are not attached to a wall. Fill in the holes with wood putty, sand the putty after it dries, and cover the filler with matching stain according to product label instructions. If the match is good the holes will not be apparent and the cabinets will look as if they never had doors.

Alternately, strips of decorative wood can be used to cover holes left by missing hardware. Decorative wood strips are simply glued into place with strong wood glue. They are available at woodworking stores, and they come in many different patterns and colors from inexpensive budget designs to exotic woods. This is not the least expensive option but probably the easiest since wood stain can be somewhat difficult to match when covering visible holes.

Update Colors

In addition to updating one of the most expensive features of a kitchen with new hardware and basketry, update wall colors with a coat or two of new paint. Wall color is one of the least expensive ways to update an outdated kitchen, and it is an ideal fix for those decorating on a budget. Get rid of outdated olive green or 70s gold and update with a trendy new color. Visit your local paint retailer to view options.

Consider selecting a brand of paint that offers small sample containers instead of paper paint chips on small cards. Use the samples to create large sample boards on cardstock. Paint the cardstock and allow the paint to dry completely. Place the new paint colors next to cabinetry and flooring to get a good idea of how it will look in various levels of lighting at different times of the day and night. This budget investment is a great way to find the perfect color to update an outdated kitchen and bring it into the present.

Add Woven Textures

Woven textures such as rugs and window treatments can also help bring an outdated kitchen into the present. Update kitchen flooring with the addition of stylish new throw rugs that are durable and machine washable. They can help hide worn flooring and give bare feet a soft and warm surface to stand upon. Add a rubber backing to keep budget throw rugs in place. Durable woven rugs can be washed and used again and again, and they will stand up to continual kitchen traffic.

Consider New Track Lighting and Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is also one of the prime giveaways that tell the age of a kitchen. Eliminate outdated lighting and replace it with overhead track lighting and under cabinet lighting. Track lighting comes in many different styles, and under cabinet lighting comes in very handy no matter the style. It provides adequate illumination for food preparation, and it gives an outdated kitchen a new and improved look. Visit your local lighting store to view the many options for those decorating on a budget. Considering the cost of a complete kitchen remodel, replacing lighting is one of the cheapest ways to update the kitchen while decorating on a budget.

Add New Wall Decor

The addition of new wall decor is one of the easiest ways to update the look of an outdated kitchen without the help of a professional. Browse the Internet for metal wall art, canvas wall art, or wooden wall art to locate just the right piece to use as a focal point on a bare kitchen wall. Center the piece of your choice on the wall, and surround it with eye-catching accents such as candle wall sconces, smaller works of art, or stylish wall planters. The options for mixing and matching works of wall art are virtually endless, and this is a viable solution for anyone wanting to update an outdated kitchen on a budget. Wall art comes in a wide range of prices and styles, and you will find something you can afford, even when decorating on a tight budget.

Update the Faucet

Faucets are not cheap by any means, but when considering the price of a kitchen remodel, a new faucet is just a fraction of the price. Like kitchen hardware, faucets date a kitchen, and an outdated kitchen faucet can be easily replaced. Visit your local home improvement store and consider one of the many new styles of faucets available. If the sink is in great condition, a new faucet will make a huge difference in the look of the sink. Consider choosing an oversized gooseneck faucet complete with a sprayer and soap dispenser. A qualified professional can easily create holes in outdated metal sinks to accommodate the accessories. Newer sinks usually come with the option for additional accessories, and the perforated holes are easily punched out to hold items such as soap pumps, drinking water taps, and handheld sprayers.

Add Storage with Painted Shelving

Another great way to update an outdated kitchen is with the addition of painted shelving with stylish brackets. Outfit a bare space on a wall or between cabinets with wood shelving and matching brackets that are ready to paint. They can be used to store jars of spices, apothecary jars filled with interesting kitchen decor, food items, or anything visually appealing. The shelves can also be used to store cookbooks, jars of utensils, or open baskets that can be used to store everything from flatware to extra kitchen towels.

Look around your kitchen and decide which areas make it appear outdated. In many cases the problems are easy to change and update. With new hardware, new painted shelving, a shiny new faucet, track lighting, and a new coat of paint, a kitchen that once appeared old and outdated can look as good as new.