Budgeting for a Basement Egress Window

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Installing a basement egress window involves a considerable amount of work, time, and material. However, if you are remodeling the basement to include rooms for sleeping, an egress window along with an egress well is required in each room. Considering that the work requires cutting a hole into the home’s foundation unless you possess the professional skills it is a job for a contractor. Budgeting for a basement egress window, though, can help you determine the price you will pay for the job.

Compare Quotes

Firstly, compile a list of local contractors qualified to install basement egress windows and wells. In order to give you an accurate estimate, they will likely have to inspect your foundation and any obstacles that may pose a problem, both outside and in. After an initial inspection of your basement, they should be able to generate a quote for the labor required given your home’s unique characteristics. Based upon the information they gave you about your home’s foundation and their ability to dig out the well, you may be able to obtain competitor’s quotes over the phone by giving them the same information. This is where your budget will begin. You will gain a basic idea of the amount of labor and specialized skill involved. The initial price estimate may vary depending on the type of window and well design you choose.

Egress Window Types

The next step in budgeting for a basement egress window is to look into the different window designs and molded wells available. Egress windows must meet certain specifications, but the window type may vary from glider to double-hung to casement window. Provided it meets code and fits in your basement, the choice is yours. Casement windows tend to be the most expensive but one of the easiest to use, while a double-hung or gliding window may better fit your budget.

Egress Well

The egress well is another consideration. From the bottom of the well to the exit level, a well can be no deeper than 44 inches without installing a ladder or staircase. A ladder can take up no more than 6 inches of the minimum 36 inches of space from the window to the edge of the well. Also, the opening of the window can in no way be obstructed by either a ladder or stairs. Knowing this will help with your budget. If the side of your home is unobstructed enough to allow for a longer well, it may be easy to install stairs. However, if there is a driveway or some other obstruction adjacent to the well’s location, that may increase the labor costs. Pre-molded wells are available as well. With the hole dug, the mold is set in and installed, creating the required space and ability to exit the well.

It is difficult to impose a ceiling on what you want to spend without first obtaining a quote. Because the work involves cutting into your home’s foundation, a professional is strongly recommended. To properly budget the installation of a basement egress window, first compare quotes from contractors. From there, determine the prices of different materials you may use and set a goal to keep your expenditures for the labor and materials below a fixed point.