Building a Playground Slide in Your Backyard

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  • 3-30 hours
  • Advanced
  • 100-1,000
What You'll Need
Pre-made plastic slide
Pressure treated posts
Dry concrete mix
2 x 6 boards
1 x 4 boards
3 x 4 boards
1 x 6 boards
Gravel or crushed stone
Measuring tape
Level tool
Shovel or post digger

Building a playground slide in your backyard is a challenging activity as you have to ensure the children are safe when using the slide. It is also best to consider the age of your child, as large slides (those more than six feet in length) are not suitable for toddlers. You need to build a slide that is safe for your children to use.

Keep in mind that a reasonable amount of construction and carpentry skills are needed in the process. You will also need to purchase a plastic slide that comes with the necessary hardware to safely install it onto your deck.

Step 1 - Dig the Hole for the Posts

Use a tape measure to determine the surface area of your platform. A square that is 48 by 48 inches is enough for most applications. Mark the four sides of the square and prepare to dig the hole.

Use a shovel or post digger to drill a hole that is approximately two feet deep. Pour about six inches of gravel or crushed stone inside the hole and insert the post. Repeat the above mentioned procedure for all the four posts.

Use a level to ensure the posts are level and steady. Pour dry concrete mix onto each hole until there is at least six inches of space from the top of the hole. Pour water until all the concrete is absorbed. Leave to harden. It is best to add a few inches of dirt on all open spaces inside the hole for added durability.

Step 2 - Build the Joists and Platform

post in concrete

Attach 2 x 6 boards on the outside edges of the posts using bolts and screws. Use metal joist hangers to attach the 2 x 6 board that is approximately 44 inches long across the center. Attach the 1 x 4 boards across the top of the square using screws. This will serve as your platform. Next, use screws to attach 2 x 4 boards around the outside of the posts at least 30 inches above the intended platform. This will serve as the top of the protective rails of your slide. It is best to cut the top of the posts to ensure they are level with the top of the attached 2 x 4 boards.

Step 3 - Build the Entrance and Exit Points of the Platform

Pick an ideal place where you want the entrance and the slide installed within the area of the square. Use 3 x 4 posts attached on the platform and to the top of the rail to frame the sides. Secure the posts with screws.

Step 4 - Build the Protective Rails and Ladder

Use screws to attach 1 x 4 boards around the sides of the platform, leaving no more than one inch of space between each board.

Divide the overall height of your platform by seven to determine the number of steps needed for the ladder. Use two pieces of 2 x 4 boards as the sides of the ladder, with a 45-degree cut on the bottom end. Secure using screws. Use 1 x 6 boards to make the steps and secure on the sides of the ladder using metal hangers.

Step 5 - Install the Slide

Install the slide on the platform using the necessary hardware included in the kit. The slide should be placed on the opposite side of the ladder.