Build a Bass Speaker Cabinet

What You'll Need
Electric screwdriver
1/4-inch input jack
Wire mesh
Tape measure
1/2-inch foam
Black spray paint
Black carpet
Spray adhesive
Strong glue

A bass speaker cabinet is a lot like a guitar speaker cabinet but is usually much more squat and is designed to direct and concentrate sound. It is not an amplifier though an amplifier can either be installed in the bass speaker cabinet or used separately. The speaker outputs the sound from the bass while the amplifier controls how the speaker will handle it. The bass speaker cabinet is there to make the sound crisp. You can place the amplifier inside the bass speaker cabinet if you choose but the extra space can dull the crispness of the sound. You can buy a bass speaker cabinet at your local musician's store but building one is not difficult or expensive but is a lot of fun. This article will show you how to make your own bass speaker cabinet.

Step 1 - Speaker Board

The speaker is attached to a speaker board which is in the inside of the bass speaker cabinet. Cut a piece of pine that is large enough to contain the speaker plus two inches on each side. Remember that you want a bass speaker cabinet that is longer and shorter; not tall and thinner. Draw a circle the size of the speaker with the compass and cut it out with the jigsaw. Mount the speaker to it with screws and set it off to the side.

Step 2 - Cabinet

The bass speaker cabinet has to be large enough to hold the speaker board. Many guitar speaker cabinets don't have a back though most bass speaker cabinets have a 3/4 back which covers 3/4 the height from the top down. This space prevents the speaker from overheating. Once you have the front of the bass speaker cabinet you will draw and cut out a hole for the speaker as you did in Step 1. On the back piece place the 1/4-inch input and trace it then cut out the hole.

Step 3 - Insulation and Screen

Cut the screen to size and glue to the front piece of the bass speaker cabinet. Cut the foam to size of the inside of the cabinet. Glue and then nail foam pieces onto the top, bottom, sides, back and to the back of the speaker board. Cut away the foam where the input jack hole is.

Step 4 - Assembly

Place the speaker board on top of the front piece so it sandwiches the mesh and then nail in place. Build the bass speaker cabinet by fitting together every piece except the back. Use a combination of glue and nails. Wire the input jack to the speaker and feed it through the hole in the back and screw in place. Nail and glue the back in place.

Step 5 - Finishing

Spray paint the bass guitar cabinet. When the paint has dried; spray on the adhesive and press the carpet onto the wood. Make sure you cover the seams of the bass guitar cabinet with the carpet.