Build a Corner Computer Desk for the Office

What You'll Need
Table saw
Skill saw
Tape measure
Wood screws
Straight edge
Wood putty
2x4 lumber
1x4 lumber
MDF board

A corner computer desk is a great way to save floor space in a crowded home office. Building your corner computer desk is a challenging do- it-yourself project, but it can still be done easily with the right tools and materials.

Step One - Measure Corner and Plan Corner Desk

When you are planning to build a corner computer desk you will need to determine how large you want the work surface to be. Measure the corner area and place marks where you think the tabletop should go. This will give you a general idea of how large the desk will be. Use a piece of graph paper and draw out your room. Use each square as 1 foot and give it as much detail as you can. Include the furnishings in the room that will be there when the desk is complete.

Step Two - Build Computer Desk Frame

A corner computer desk consists of a basic rectangular frame. The only difference in the building of the corner desk is the actual shape of the desktop. Cut two pieces of 1x4 lumber to the dimensions you need for the length of the table. This is the front and back portion. Cut two more pieces for the sides. Attach these to each other with wood screws.

Step Three - Attach Corner Braces

To give the frame a little more support, attach small corner pieces to the each corner of the frame. Cut the ends to a 45-degree angle and secure to the frame with glue and wood screws.

Step Four - Attach Legs to Frame

You can build your own legs or buy some pre-made legs from a home center. If you want to build your own, cut them out of 2x4 piece of lumber. Cut each piece of the lumber to 31 inches. This will make a good height for your corner computer desk. After you have cut both pieces to length, rip them in half. This will give you four pieces for legs. Use an orbital sander and sand the legs until they are smooth and the edges are rounded off. Place them flush with the top of the frame and attach with 2-inch screws.

Step Five - Cut out Top

Use a piece of MDF for your desk top. Trace the outline of the top of the desk onto the board using a marker and straightedge. Remember the triangular back that will fill out the corner section. Use a firm stable surface to place the MDF board on and cut the top out with a skill saw.

Step Six - Attach Top to Frame

Using 2-inch wood screws, attach the desktop to the frame. Drill into the corner braces and along the frame. Fill in the screw holes with wood putty and sand over the entire top until it is smooth. Stain, or paint the desk for a finished look.