Build a Corner Wall Shelf for Your Television

A TV on a stand.
What You'll Need
Stud sensor
Radial arm saw
Wood glue
Screws for drywall
Flathead screws
Paint and brushes
Non-toxic varnish
Edge band
Hot iron

A corner wall shelf can be used for your television and you will save a lot of space, which you can use for other purposes. You will also be able to place all the TV cables in the corner, so they won’t be a potential risk for kids and animals to stumble on. You may build a corner wall shelf for your TV employing a few supplies and tools.

Step 1 - Detect the Wall Studs

Use a stud sensor to detect the location of the studs in the 2 corner walls. You may also tap on the walls to find the studs. When you knock on the studs, you will hear a solid sound opposed to a hollow sound, which will be heard when tapping on the rest of the wall. Mark the edges of the wall studs. The studs should be used to anchor your wall shelf, as it will be more resistant.

Step 2 - Determine the Size of the Shelf

You can determine the size of the shelf by measuring your TV. Make sure you add some more inches to the actual size of the TV and consider if you want more space for other items on the shelf.

Step 3 - Cut the Lumber

Cut the lumber using the radial arm saw to obtain the supports for your shelves. You need 2 pieces of lumber that should reach from the corner to the farthest edge of each stud on the adjacent walls.

Step 4 - Screw on the Shelf Supports

Screw on the lumber pieces to the wall using the marks that indicate the location of the studs. Use a level to make sure the pieces are at the same height.

Step 5 - Cut the Plywood

Measure the distance between the lumber supports and determine the size of the plywood shelf. The shelf should go over the support pieces you secured to the wall. Using a radial arm saw, cut the plywood, making sure you preserve the 90-degree angle edge, which will fit perfectly in the corner.

Step 6 - Paint the Plywood

If you want to paint the plywood, you can use acrylic or oil paint. The acrylic paint will dry faster. If you don’t want to paint the plywood, you may simply apply transparent non-toxic varnish.

Step 7 - Secure the Shelf

The corner wall shelf should be secured using wood glue. Allow the glue to dry. Then use flathead screws to secure the plywood to the lumber support pieces. Check if the plywood platform is sturdy enough.

Step 8 - Hide the Edges of the Shelf

You may hide the edges of the corner wall shelf using edge bands and a hot iron. Measure the piece of edge band you need and apply the hot iron on the band, until you notice the glue is soft enough. Press the edge band with your hands until the glue is set in.