Build A Decorative Sundial For Your Yard

Building a decorative sundial for your yard provides a great landscaping accessory. If you build the sundial correctly, it will keep time as well as look beautiful. Here are the steps and the materials needed to build a decorative sundial for your yard.

Tools and Materials Needed:

• Wood
• Tile Snips
• Tile Cement
• Tape
• Mosaic Tiles
• Tile Grout
• Water
• Newspaper
• Towel

Step 1: Create the Template

Before you begin constructing the sundial, draw a template pattern for the sundial. This will contain the time markings and positioning based on the longitude of the area you live. Longitude and latitude measurements can be obtained via searching the Internet or by calling your local government. You may also download a sundial template via the web.

Step 2: Form the Sundial Base

Cut a piece of wood large enough to serve as the base for your sundial. Take the tape and tape the edges of the wooden base. The tape protects the base and prepares the area needed for setting the tiles into the base of the sundial. Set the base to the side.

Step 3: Prepare the Tiles

Cut tile pieces with the snips to form the pattern for the base. You will also need to shape a tile piece that will be used to track the shadow on the dial. This is known as the gnomon or sundial hand. The sundial hand tracks the movement of the sun and casts a shadow on the sundial that is what marks time.

Mix the tile cement, using water if necessary, and have it ready to use on the tiles. If the mosaic tiles have a paper backing, remove it first. Setting the gnomon in place first, arrange the tiles in a pattern around the dial hand.

Step 4: Grout the Tile

After setting the tile pieces into the base, fill the empty spaces with grout. Take sheets of newspaper and wad it up to use to remove the excess grout from the tiles. As soon as the grout is dry, use the towel to polish and clean the tiles.

Step 5: Set the Sundial to North

When you have competed polishing the dial and cleaning the tiles, remove the tape from the base. You can place the sundial in the yard, being sure that it is positioned north.

If you want to make life easier, you could go to a craft store and purchase a ready to make sundial kit. This will provide you with complete instructions and design illustrations of different decorative sundials that you can make. This may give you with some additional approaches you can use to create your own sundial.