Build a Dog House with a Flat Roof

What You'll Need
Saw or circular saw

Building a dog house with a flat roof can be an enjoyable and relatively easy task that all the family can take part in so as to provide a cute accommodation for their dog.

Step 1 - Take the Necessary Measurements

Start off by measuring the dog. You need to make the dog house roomy enough for the dog to be comfortable in. Depending on your dog’s length, height and overall space, determine what measurements you will use for the dog house. Make sure to keep in mind that if the dog is a relatively large one you need to consider the space it needs in different positions, such as lying down, sitting and standing up. Besides you might also want to place some objects such as cushions, toys, balls and food and drink bowls.

Step 2 - Draw a Plan

When appropriate measurements have been taken your next step is to draw a simple plan of the dog house. Include all the measurements on the drawing. This will be a good referral point while you are building it.

Step 3 - Purchase the Plywood

Purchase enough plywood to build the dog house. It is best to select thick plywood which can be resistant against adverse weather conditions.

Step 4 - Start to Cut the Plywood

If the plywood you purchased needs to be cut since it was not readily cut at the store, use a saw to cut the sides that will make up the dog house. Make sure to utilize the saw with caution. A good thing to remember is to allow for adequate ventilation by cutting out the door, and at least one small window. You need to cut plywood for the main frame and six large plywood boards to be used for the walls, floor and roof. Cut out the doorway from the front board and it is ideal to cut the roof slightly bigger than the overall area of the house in order to allow a few inches of overlay over the side walls to keep off rain water.

Step 5 - Form the Main Frame

First draw clearance holes into each length of wood which when fixed together will for the rectangular base frame. These holes are for 3 inch screws which will hold the frame together. 

Step 6 - Fix the Floor

Place the plywood to be used for the floor onto the base frame and secure this to the frame.  This is done by drilling pilot holes every 10 inches and securing the floor to the frame by screws.

Step 7 - Mounting and Securing Side Walls

The next step is to mount two sides of the four walls of the dog's house. Place each plywood board to its corresponding side of the base frame and fix securely with evenly spaced screws.

Step 8 - Create and Attach the Corner Braces

In order to re-enforce the walls and avoid any instability, it is advisable to create four corner braces and fix these to the inside of each corner. They will also block any drafts that might enter from the side gaps.  Corner braces are 2 by 4 wooden strips stuck together with screws.  They are attached, long side first, against the side walls and then the front and back walls are attached to the base frame and eventually to the corner braces.

Step 9 - Attaching the Roof

Next the roof goes on. Center it over the whole area of the dog's house and fix it securely with the remaining screws. Your dog house is now finished and ready to be used.

By following these steps you will be able to build up a dog house for your dog, quite cheaply and easily. You may wish to paint the dog house, use stencils and personalize it with your dog’s name or other creative ideas.