Build A Garage Shelving Unit: A Guide

What You'll Need
Heavy wood or steel shelves
3-inch wood screws
Shelf brackets

Building a garage shelving unit is a great way to add extra storage space to your garage. These out-of-sight shelves are a great place to store tools, paint, chemicals, parts and just about anything else.

Plan It Out

Decide which parts of your garage will have the shelving unit. Take into consideration the amount of space you need to park your car and to store other large items, like an extra refrigerator or a lawnmower. Take measurements. Determine how many shelves you want on each wall and how long you want them to be.

Purchase Materials

Consider that the weather conditions in your garage maybe be abnormally humid, so wooden shelves may warp or crack. Use a coat of sealant for protection, or use steel.

Making Sure Your Unit is Safe

Many things you will wish to store will be heavy. This is why you should plan on having a higher number of shelf brackets, like 1 bracket for every 3 feet of the length. They should should be screwed into studs to increase your shelves' maximum weight capacity.