Build a Glider Ottoman in 5 Steps

What You'll Need
Glider Kit

A glider ottoman is the ultimate tool for comfort. Rocking chairs and gliding chairs are some of the most comfortable chairs around. A glider ottoman adds a new dimension to your furniture possibilities. While glider ottomans may look somewhat complicated, they are actually easy to assemble. It is incredibly easy to build a glider ottoman, requiring only a few steps to have the comfort you need.

1 – Purchase the Kit

The first step in building a glider ottoman is to actually buy the kit. While it is possible to make a glider ottoman from scratch, it can be very difficult. If this is your first building project, you will want to purchase a kit. The glider kit comes with the necessary parts, only requiring you to put the pieces together.

2 – Form the Base

The first thing to do when building a glider ottoman is to form the base. The base is a single pedestal for some kits, while it may be arms on the ground for another. Be sure to double check the screws on the base. If the base is weak, the ottoman could collapse.

3 – Complete the Glide

The gliding mechanism is the most important part of the glider ottoman. This is what allows the ottoman to glide right along with the gliding chair that you have. The swiveling arms are often hardest to get right. This is one reason why it is better to buy the kit.

4 – Attach the Ottoman

Attaching the ottoman is the final piece of the puzzle when attempting to build the ottoman. The ottoman should fit snugly right onto the arms that were created for the gliding mechanism. The ottoman should be level and flat, and should line up perfectly with the base. Any part of the glider that is off center will ruin the gliding motion, making it unusable when put together with the gliding chair.

5 – Attach the Cover

The final step is to attach whatever cover you would like to the ottoman. Some people simply upholster the ottoman so that it can be used. Others will want to put a cushion on the ottoman so that it may double as a seat for some. Choose a fabric that matches the swivel chair.