Build a Home Solarium In Six Steps

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A home solarium is a sunroom, usually enclosed by glass. Solariums can be used for many purposes, from entertaining to meditating. The open design allows you to appreciate the sun while inside your home.

Step 1 - Understand the Room's Use

Decide whether you will use your solarium for a specific purpose or if it will just be for general use. If you plan to use it for special activities—like tanning or exercising—keep the unique requirements in mind when making your plans.

Step 2 - Design

Choose your design. You can buy a book of plans or purchase one online. Since this is a DIY job, you should go with the simplest plan: the type with a slanted front. You can also blend different plans to create a design according to your own specifications.

Step 3 - Gather Materials

Popular materials for the construction of sunrooms are aluminum and pressure-treated wood. These materials hold up well to fluctuating temperatures. Use double-glazed windows, which reduce glare and provide insulation.

The room should be located where it will get optimal sun. The main windows of your solarium should face the solar south. This will provide you with maximum exposure and help you harness solar energy, thereby reducing your energy bills.

Step 4 - Build the Room

The best option is to use a porch or patio to create your solarium. This will provide a basic structure with which to work. If you have screens, remove them. Then build a wooden frame along the perimeter of your porch or patio. Install large glass panel windows instead of smaller ones because they transmit the light and heat more productively.

Concrete, brick or stone floors will help you harness the sun’s power. These materials absorb heat during daylight hours, making the room cooler. During the evening, they release the heat, making it warmer. Adding plants also increases energy conservation.