Build A Hose Reel Cart In 3 Steps

What You'll Need
16-inch wheel rim with center hole
(2) Tree stumps
3/4-inch thick plywood sheet
Measuring tape
Nails; large
Wire brush
Spray paint
Polyurethane spray

Do not waste the money buying a hose reel cart one when you can build your own. The following steps will show you how to build a water hose reel cart out of materials you may be able to recycle from around your own home.

Step 1 - The Tire Rim

Any style of wheel rim will work if it has a center hole.

An old wheel rim from your backyard will most likely need to be cleaned up. Use the wire brush to remove as much of the rust as possible (assuming there is rust on it, of course). Use water to help facilitate the removal of the rust, dirt and any other grime that may be present.

Presentation is very important so painting the rim and further protecting it from rust is also important. When the wheel rim is clean, spray an even layer of paint over it. Let the paint dry before putting on another layer of paint. When you are done painting you should have at least 3 layers. When you are satisfied, spray 2 to 3 layers of polyurethane over the wheel rim and allow each layer to dry before putting on the next layer.

Step 2 - Making the Base

The key to making your hose reel cart sturdy is making a strong base.

Create the legs of the base by measuring the stumps and then cutting them to be 3-feet in height. Place a level on each stump and trim the tops of the stumps if they are not level. The wheel rim should be able to rest just above the plywood sheet but not touch it.

To determine the size of the base for the hose reel cart you will place the wheel rim between the 2 stumps with about a 1/2-inch space between each side. Use the measuring tape to measure from one end of the stump to the other. Transfer that measurement to the plywood. Repeat this step, using the width of the stumps but adding 8 inches to it. Now, cut the plywood to make the wooden base. Place the cut sheet of plywood on top of the stumps, making sure that is centered both vertically and horizontally. You are now ready nail the plywood to the stumps. Turn the stump over so that the plywood sheet is on the ground.

Step 3 - Finishing the Hose Reel

With the base assembled you will now have to make the rotating hose reel.

Find the center of each stump using the measuring tape. Cut a horizontal 1-inch "V" shape in the center of each stump.

Feed the re-bar through the center hole of the wheel rim. Place the entire rim and re-bar in the "V" slots you have cut in the stumps so that the tire rim is between the stumps.

Put the connecting end of your hose through a hole in the rim and connect it to the water source. Roll the rest of the hose around the rim.