Build A Hunting Cabin

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Build your own basic log hunting cabin using a chainsaw, a scribe tool, some timber and cement or gravel. Just follow the steps below.


Clear your parcel of land. Dig an area a few inches deep that will be the approximate area of your cabin.


For the foundation, pour gravel or small stones into the excavated area. Alternatively, you can create a wood frame around the area and pour concrete in it, making a concrete slab foundation.

Foundation Logs

Debark 2 large logs that will act as your foundation logs. Lay them along the 2 longest sides of your base, parallel to each other. These logs need to be thicker than the rest of the logs you will use up top.

Floor Joists

Now choose 3 smaller logs to lay across the foundation logs. These will act as floor joists for your cabin. Use your chainsaw and scribe tool to cut a saddle notch at each end, and then lay them across your foundation logs. Make sure to clean the area you just cut and remove any debris, like loose chips and sawdust.


Choose the logs that will make your walls. Cut and notch them. Place these along the longest sides of the cabin, just as you did with your foundation logs. Cut notches into the bottom of these logs so they can lay flush with the floor joist logs. There should be no cracks or gaps.

Now cut and debark two more logs that will on the opposite sides. Saddle notch the ends and lay them interlocking with your first layer of wall logs. Repeat this step on each side of your cabin until you have completed building the walls of your cabin.

Roof Joists

Use 2 x 6-inch boards to create your roof joists. Hang them on the wall using metal brackets and place 2 feet of slating board between each joist.


Cover the roof using plywood or roofing material, rubber and shingles. If you choose to keep it pure, you can make notches in the roof joists instead of using brackets.

Door and Windows

Use a chainsaw to cut the spaces for your door and windows. Start at the top and make a cut on both sides, removing pieces of log as you proceed.

You can then use 2 x 6-inch boards to create frames for your door and windows. Once you have installed the frame, add hinges, a door and a door jamb. For the window, install glass or shutters.


Now that you are inside, finish up the floor. You can use 2 x 6-inch boards, plywood or a combination of both to lay down over your log floor joists. Keep in mind that boards are easier to install.

Finish up

Your hunting cabin is complete. Just install any necessary appliances, like a sink or wood stove, and you're done.