Build a Loft Bed Ladder

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If you just purchased a loft bed you may notice the need for a loft bed ladder. The height of the loft bed would not be a problem for a 10 foot human however, for the rest of us; we are going to need a little help up! You can purchase a loft bed ladder, but where is the fun in that? You can make a loft bed ladder in a short amount of time and it will be much easier on your wallet to do so. In these days of economical crisis, building things of this caliber will help out your finances immensely. You only need to follow these simple guidelines. Prepare to spend at least an hour on this project, not including time spent at the home supply store.


Measure the height of you loft bed. Write down the measurements and head to a home supply store. You will need two long strips of wood for the height of the bed and you are going to need at least 5 smaller strips of wood for the steps. The smaller steps should be no less than a foot long each.


You already have your wood, but you are also going to need nails or screws to attach the steps. Nails are not the safest manner in which to attach the step so using screws is ideal, for extra security you can use bolts too.

You will need sand paper as most wood strips from home supply stores still retain a rough finish that will splinter, so to avoid a painful trip up the ladder, you will need to sand it down until it is completely smooth. Should you decide to paint it, you will need to pick the paint up while you are at the home supply store as well. This will save a second trip.

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Lay all of your parts on the floor in the shape of a ladder, attach the steps to the sides with you screw and bolts. Stand it up next to your loft bed and decide if you want to attach it or not. Most people will not attach it, as it is easier to move around, however if you want to attach it you will need to use more screws and bolts. Do not use nails, it is very dangerous and could result in major injuries when not done properly.

Admire Your Work

Look at the work you have done on your own. You saved a large amount of money as it is likely you did not spend more than twenty dollars to build you loft bed ladder. You could have purchased one and spent five times what you spent making one. You are a smarter and richer person for taking on this project. It was simple, but the benefits are many.

Next up, add some finishing work to inject a touch of your own personality!