Build A Patio Covering With Ease

What You'll Need
Post Base
1-by-6 Lumber
4-by-4 Lumber Posts
2-by-6 Lumber
2-by12 Lumber
Concrete Anchors
Tar Paper
Metal Screen
Nail Gun
Carpenter Square

A patio covering can be a wonderful addition to almost any backyard and make spending time outdoors during the summer a more enjoyable experience. You may be able to purchase a patio covering kit to make installation easy and simple.

Types of Patio Covers

Most patio covers are made of wood, as the one described below. Others are made of fabric and vinyl. You can even construct a simple and inexpensive patio cover out of plastic sheeting. However, this type of cover is prone to breakage and may need to be replaced often, especially in areas with harsh climates.

One of the most popular—but more complicated to install—types is the retractable fabric patio cover. This kind can make using the patio more versatile according to changes in the weather or for large parties.

Patio covers can also form the foundation and frame for a lanai or screened porch in areas where warm summer weather brings insects or to provide a safe space for outside evening entertainment.

Step 1  - Measure the size of your patio cover.

Step 2 - Set the post bases in place with the concrete anchors.

Step 3 - Place the 4-by-4 posts in on the post bases. Nail them in place.

Step 4
- Double the 2-by-12 wood boards together and nail to create a rafter. Attach this to the house roofline.

Step 5
- Starting at the center, mark the rafter lines at every 2 feet.

Step 6 - Set your 2-by-6 rafters into place.

Step 7
- Staple metal screening to the inside of every third rafter.

Step 8 - Use the plywood and set it in place over the rafters to create the roof deck.

Step 9
- Attach and install the flashing where the patio covering meets the roof line.

Step 10
- Starting at the bottom of the patio covering, install tar paper to cover the patio roof covering until you reach the house roof line. Overlap the tap paper at least 6 inches from the patio covering onto the roof.

Step 11
- Install the roof shingles on the patio covering. Start at the bottom and work your way up, overlapping the shingles slightly as you work your way up.

Step 12
- Finish the underside of the patio covering roof by attaching sheathing to it.

Step 13 - Wrap the post base with 1-by-6 boards cut to length.