Build a Rustic Rocking Chair

What You'll Need
Screw gun
Nail gun
Nails and screws
Wood glue
Wood filler
Stain or paint

A rustic rocking chair is a must have furnishing for any exterior porch! The great news is that with a little know how and determination, you can create your own custom chair.

Step 1 – Choose Your Wood

Go to a local home improvement center or travel to a store that exclusively deals with wood materials and find the wood you would like to use to make your rocking chair. Pine is the cheapest type material you could purchase and oak is a much more expensive material but will last longer and is much harder.

Step 2 – Cut Your Wood

This is going to take you quite of bit of time. There are many different parts that will need to be cut and prepped. Remember, for each piece of wood that you cut, properly measure and mark the wood before you make the cuts or the holes. Here are the individual sections you need to complete:

  1. The Legs: Cut four pieces that will become your legs. Mark notches about 6 to 6 ½ inches upward on each of the front leg. These notches will be used later to attach your apron
  2. The Rockers: Using a jig saw, shape the two bottom pieces of wood into a rocking shape. They must be shaped smoothly to provide for an even and smooth rocking motion. Shape each end of each piece into a rounded or protruding angle (you decide the style you would like)
  3. The Seat: Cut your seat. Square or rounded. You decide.
  4. The Seat Apron: The apron is made of three or four pieces. It attaches to the edges of each side of the seat and faces downward and connects to the sides of the legs. It helps stabilize your rocking chair. Generally rectangular in shape, cut the wood to the appropriate size.
  5. The Back: The middle section of your rocking chair needs to be cut next
  6. The back frame: The frame includes the two side pieces that attach to the back two legs, it includes the support piece that is inserted before your back rest. This piece attaches to the two top vertical supports.
  7. The Head Rest: Cut the head rest. Most rustic chairs have a unique design characteristic. Use the jigsaw to create this
  8. The Arms: make cuts for the arms.

Step 3 – Assemble Your chair

First, using wood glue, start to assemble the pieces of your chair. Start from the bottom up. Attach the legs to the rockers, then the legs to the apron. Run a small bead of wood glue over the edges of the apron. Attach the seat of your rustic wood rocking chair. Then, begin to attach the back frame and the headrest and middle of the back. After you have it all glued, allow it to dry for at least 48 hours.

Step 4 – Screw and Nail the Rocker

You now should have an assembled rocking chair. Utilize a screw gun or a nail gun and begin to strengthen your assembly. Add screws to each corner of the seat and each corner of the headrest. Then, add another set of screws where the legs meet the seat and where the legs meet the rocking pieces. Use a set of finishing nails to complete the job, working your way from bottom to top of the chair.

Step 5 – Fill Holes with Wood Glue and Sand

Fill all the holes with wood glue. Sand down the surface so it is even.

Step 6 – Paint or Stain

Now comes the fun part! Grab a can of paint or wood stain and go to town!