Build A Sandbox In 6 Steps

What You'll Need
2 by 6 inch boards
Hammer or Nail Gun
Landscaping Fabric
Staple Gun

Adding a sandbox to your backyard is a great way to enhance your backyard playground and offers kids hours of entertainment outdoors.  Follow these 6 easy steps to build a hassle-free sandbox.

Step 1-Select a Location for Your Sandbox

Many people suggest finding a shady area, perhaps under trees. However, placing your sandbox under a tree can make it hard to keep the sand box clean; leaves and sticks will quickly find their way into the sandbox as well as bird waste. Instead, find a cleared area, with well-drained soil, and if shade is needed, place a collapsible shelter over the area.

Step 2-Choose the Sandbox Size

The size of your sandbox depends on your needs as well as the area available. Once you have decided on a size, clear the area you plan to have the sandbox and dig a hole few inches deep over the area (this will help stabilize the sides of the sandbox).

Step 3-Build Sandbox Frame

Now its time to build your frame and you can chose to either build a square or a rectangular frame depending on your needs. 2 by 6 inch boards offer good support and are a bit taller than the 2 by 4 inch board. The boards should fit together, so that the end of one board is perpendicular to the end of another board and you should be able to secure the frame with 2-3 nails driven through the end of one 2 by 6 inch board into the end of another 2 by 6 inch board. 

Step 4-Attach Landscaping Fabric

Once your frame is complete, attach landscaping fabric to the bottom of it using a staple gun. The fabric should not be pulled too tight against the frame as the weight of the sand and children will cause it to tear if there is not enough give. You may find that some suggest using plastic as the bottom for a sandbox. However, a sandbox can quickly turn into a mud hole when the plastic bottom traps water inside. The use of landscaping fabric allows water to escape while still keeping the sand from washing away.

Step 5-Fit the Frame in Sandbox Location

Turn over you frame so that the landscaping fabric is now on the bottom and fit the frame into your cleared area.

Step 6-Fill with Sand

Fill your frame with sand, that can be bought at any home improvement store. If you are receiving sand from another source (friend, neighbor, etc.) always research where it is coming from as you want to make sure you are not importing pests, plant/animal/human diseases, or unsafe chemicals into your children’s play area or the rest of your yard.

    Important Tips:

    If you have cats, you should invest in a plastic tarp to cover the sandbox when it's not in use. This will discourage your feline friends from viewing it as a king-sized litter box. 

    Consider investing in a portable shelter to place over the sandbox while children are play to protect them from the sun. These shelters can be bought at most superstores and home improvement stores that carry outdoor furniture and equipment.

    Determine how much sand you need by using this equation: Volume= Length x Width x Height.

    Remember to treat the wood so that it can withstand the elements of the outdoors.