How to Build a Shoe Cabinet

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What You'll Need
2-by-10 lumber
Measuring tape
Wood screws
Drilling machine
Paint brush

A shoe cabinet helps reduce clutter and increases storage space, allowing you to store pairs of shoes so they are out of your way. Depending on the space available, you can build a wooden shoe cabinet to fit inside a cupboard, behind a door, or against any wall and add as many shelves as you like to increase storage space. Follow these steps to build a simple yet functional shoe cabinet.

Step 1 - Purchase and Cut Wood Boards

Purchase 2x10 finished wood boards from your local hardware store and place them in front of you so you can cut them to size. Measure and mark two lengths that are 18 inches for the side panels of the shoe cabinet. Use a handsaw or circular saw to cut over the marks.

Cut two, 36-inch squares for the shelves of your shoe cabinet, then a 38-inch square for the top. Prepare the wood boards by sanding them with a medium grit sandpaper to remove any splinters or sharp edges, especially at the corners and edges.

Step 2 - Mark Shelves on Cabinet Side Panel

Lay one of the 18-inch long side panels in front of you. Measure 6 inches from the top and mark the spot with masking tape or a pen. Similarly, measure and mark a distance of 8 inches, 14 inches, and 16 inches on the same panel. These marks will help you determine where to install shelves.

Step 3 - Attach Cabinets

Place a 36-inch shelf board between the 6 and 8 inch mark on the side panel and hold it firmly, ensuring it is flush against it. Use your drilling machine to insert two galvanized wood screws into the side panel and through the shelf edge.

Once screwed, place the other side panel over the other side of the shelf edge and drill it into place. Your shoe cabinet has one shelf installed. Place the other 36-inch shelf board flush against the 14 and 16 inch marks on one of the side pieces. Drill it into place with wood screws, ensuring it is connected to both side panels securely.

Step 4 - Attach Top

Stand the cabinet up so it rests on its legs. Place the 38 inch top board over the top, and secure it into place by drilling wood screws into it that penetrate both ends of the side panels. Your shoe cabinet is now complete.

Step 5 - Add Finishing Touches

Sand the shoe cabinet lightly once again so paint can adhere to it better. Place a few newspapers on the floor outside and stand the cabinet over them. Wear your mask and apply a coat or two of primer, then allow it to dry. Make sure you cover the inside of the cabinet as well, including the area under the shelves.

Once dry, apply one or two coats of paint to the entire cabinet to add a decorative touch to it that will enhance its look and appeal. You can also apply transparent paint if you do not want to add color. Painting it will also protect it from the elements and make it last longer. Allow it to dry thoroughly before placing it indoors.